The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup

The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup

The Politics of Pesticides

Mitchel Cohen, Vandana Shiva


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A Comprehensive Look at the Worldwide Battle to Defend Ourselves and Our Environment Against the Peddlers of Chemical Poisons

Chemical poisons have infiltrated all facets of our lives – housing, agriculture, work places, sidewalks, subways, schools, parks, even the air we breathe. More than half a century since Rachel Carson issued Silent Spring – her call-to-arms against the poisoning of our drinking water, food, animals, air, and the natural environment – The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup takes a fresh look at the politics underlying the mass use of pesticides and the challenges people around the world are making against the purveyors of poison and the governments that enable them.

The scientists and activists contributing to The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup, edited by long-time Green activist Mitchel Cohen, explore not only the dangers of glyphosate – better known as “Roundup” – but the campaign resulting in glyphosate being declared as a probable cancer-causing agent. In an age where banned pesticides are simply replaced with newer and more deadly ones, and where corporations such as Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont scuttle attempts to regulate the products they manufacture, what is the effective, practical, and philosophical framework for banning glyphosate and other pesticides?

The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup: The Politics of Pesticides takes lessons from activists who have come before and offers a radical approach that is essential for defending life on this planet and creating for our kids, and for ourselves, a future worth living in.


Mitchel Cohen:
Mitchel Cohen is an author, poet, and political activist who coordinates the No Spray Coalition against pesticides in New York City, which successfully sued the City government over its indiscriminate spraying to kill mosquitoes said to be transmitting West Nile Virus. He chaired the listener-sponsored WBAI radio Local Board, and participated in actions with NY State Against Genetic Engineering, Occupy Wall Street, Radical Philosophy Association, and the Center for Global Justice in Mexico; and helped to organize the Network of Alternative Student Press. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Mitchel Cohen coordinates the No Spray Coalition in New York City, which successfully sued the City government over its indiscriminate spraying of toxic pesticides. In 1997, he organized the campaign to rid NYC public schools of milk from cows injected with genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone, and in 2001, he ran for Mayor of NYC as one of five Green Party candidates. He was editor of the national newspaper Green Politix, and of the NY State Green Party newspaper. Mitchel edited Red Balloon, the journal of the Red Balloon Collective that he cofounded at SUNY Stony Brook, and chaired WBAI radio’s Local Board. His writings include: The Social Construction of Neurosis, and other pamphlets; What is Direct Action?, a book that draws on personal experiences as well as lessons from Occupy Law Street; and two books of poetry, One-Eyed Cat Takes Flight and The Permanent Carnival. His forthcoming book of poetry and short stories, The Rubber Stamp Man, is available in 2019.